Wednesday, October 30

French Ministry for the Economy and Finance
8h00  Arrival of participants and coffee    
9h00 Official Inauguration
10h30 Africa it’s now! (economic overview)
11h30  Business climate in Africa
12h30 Networking lunch break
14h00  How to support urban mobility in Africa?
15h00 Choosing the right energy mix for the future of Africa
16h00 France Invest: “Africa: diversification opportunities for equity investors”
17h00  France Invest: “Private equity, a means of support for African and non-African companies”
See the complete France Invest program of 30/10
17h50 Water and waste management: 2 main issues for Africa
18h50 Concluding remarks
19h00 Networking cocktail

The following programme is under construction

Thursday, October 31  

French Ministry for the Economy and Finance
9h00  How digital technology is transforming Africa?
10h00 Efficient and sustainable Healthcare systems
11h00 Transport infrastructures and multimodal logistics services: vital catalysts to trigger growth for the continent
12h00 Financing solutions for African companies
13h00 Networking lunch break
14h00 How will Africa become the next agricultural and agri-food giant
15h00 Professional training: a major strategy for Africa
16h00 Africa: a very promising consumer market
17h00 African women : the next new leaders’ generation
18h00 African diasporas to play a key role in the co-development of the continent
18h50 Concluding remarks
19h00 Ending

The following programme is under construction

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